God showed me Jews in India were in trouble

By Faith C Smith

I had a friend who would go to church every Monday night for prayer set to pray for the Israelites. He asked me if I could also pray for all the jews in the world and he asked me what we should pray for. I had no idea what to pray for, so I said why don’t we ask God what to pray for? So I did and I went to sleep that night and got a horrible horrific dream about the enemies plans against the jewish people in India. Okay first off I have a friend of mine who lives in India who is jewish. And before I met him I had no idea that jewish people lived in India (that’s how much knowledge I have.) I had a dream about my jewish friend in India and I saw an entire tribe was loading a bunch of animals and cargo on unusual airplanes. I saw that the government was loaning these airplanes to the jewish people in India as they were waiting to go back to their promise land Israel. I was on the airplane with them and it was the scariest ride I have ever been on. They tricked the jewish people into going on these airplanes to kill them rather than send them to their promise land Israel. I felt the fear grip me and everyone else on the plane and we cried and prayed for hours. There was nowhere we could go. Everyone on that plane felt nothing but fear and terror. God answered our prayers and somehow we were able to get back safely to some land. I woke up asking the Lord why would He put me through such a horrific thing such as that? I was so affected by this dream that I literally felt like I could not handle this burden the Lord was putting on me. I felt like the Lord was telling me that this is what He wants me to pray about regarding the jew people. So we prayed for them. Mind you, I knew no information about what is going on in India or the jewish people at all. I spoke to my jewish friend in India telling him about the dream I had and he said to me, “Do you have any idea what you dream about?” He went on to tell me that this tribe in India has been waiting for so many years to come to Israel and they are planning a trip right now! I was shocked he had told me this and he was shocked too because he knew I didn’t know anything about this. Months later I got some more confirmation about this subject. There was a jewish rabbi teacher who I had gone to learn from and he starts talking about this story that there is a tribe in India that have been there for many generations and they have been trying to come to Israel but Israel keeps rejecting them because they have no proof that they really are the true descendants of Abraham. Finally, later Israel has acknowledged there is truly one of the lost tribes in India. Very fascinating! We need to be praying for the jewish people during this time as they enemy always awaits to destroy God’s chosen people.

Click here to watch YouTube video India’s ‘lost tribe’ of Jews looks to Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8easGuA6x70

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